March 4, 2020

Rockaway Blockchain Fund’s View on Security Tokens: Good Value Proposition on a Long Journey to Mainstream Adoption

The period from 2017 to 2019 has seen a boom in ICO (Initial Coin Offering) financing. The 2,100+ ICOs collectively raised ca. $18 billion, but gradually disappeared from the Digital Assets ecosystem. On the contrary, the number of STOs (Security Token Offerings) is rising. We have seen 95 finished STOs, most of them in the US, that collectively raised almost $1 billion from 2017 to 2019. The first half of 2018 was a particularly good time for STOs. Nexo, a digital asset loan platform, raised $52M, and tZero, a security tokens exchange, raised as much as $134M. Although Switzerland and Malta are considered to be the most STO-friendly jurisdictions, 36% of all closed STOs took place in the United States.

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February 6, 2020

Use Cases of Blockchain

This article’s target audience are traditional investors not familiar with digital assets. Its aim is to describe the current landscape of use cases of the blockchain technology. The language of this article is simple and avoids the use of technical crypto jargon.

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September 25, 2019

Rockaway Blockchain organizes its first hackathon with global impact, bringing four leaders in the field to Prague

Rockaway Blockchain launched preliminary registration for the Hack to the Moon event, the first event of its kind in Prague. Teams of hackers will work at Paralelní Polis on the weekend of 28–29 September on overcoming challenges that have been prepared by globally renowned companies: cryptocurrency exchange BINANCE, cloud platform developer OASIS LABS, communication network TOP NETWORK and MATIC, an Ethereum transaction scalability platform.

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December 3, 2018

Governance Models of Blockchain Protocols

Getting governance right is one of the biggest challenges to overcome in order to ensure wide adoption of decentralised blockchain protocols. It is important because good governance models are crucial in blockchain protocols’ ability to adapt to changing environments and preserve legitimacy of the decisions made within their ecosystems. Governance describes how decisions are made, how they are legitimised and what are the rights of the participants in the ecosystem. It is in many cases the only way in which blockchain protocols can update themselves. In order to analyse different governance models, we need to look at purposes governance models serve within an ecosystem, components the particular governance models and network actors within the ecosystem.

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