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Gold beside bitcoin? The blockchain world has room for both

Bitcoin is being spoken of with increasing frequency in connection with a certain precious metal. And thanks to blockchain technologies, one can invest in it directly in a relatively decent manner. There are two main innovative roads one can take – tokenized or synthetic assets. Let’s take a closer…

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January 20, 2021

Rockaway Blockchain Fund joins Wintermute's $20M Series B investment round together with Pantera Capital, Lightspeed Venture Partners and others

Rockaway Blockchain Fund announces another investment in a promising startup – together with Pantera Capital, Lightspeed Venture Partners and others, it is investing $20 million in Series B in Wintermute, a professional liquidity provider and market maker for digital assets. For the blockchain fund from the Rockaway Capital family, this is one of the largest investment rounds in which it has participated so far.

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December 9, 2020

Terra (LUNA token) Analysis and Valuation

Terra is the 3rd largest blockchain by collected revenue, has a real world usage of more than 2m users and can potentially yield 10x on invested capital. In the following analysis you can find our commentary and summary of key information about Terra, one of our portfolio investments.

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October 21, 2020

Viktor Fischer for Forbes: Cash is trash

Forbes Magazine put a daring declaration on the cover of its October edition: “Cash is King”. That surprised me, and so I decided to have a look if that’s true, and what the hard data says. That’s because I remember what they taught us in school – the value of money declines with time.

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June 7, 2020

State of blockchain VC investments in Europe

To increase the amount invested into European blockchain companies and the number of European deals, Europe needs to solve 2 main barriers: A) lack of large European VCs, B) unclear and incoherent regulatory environment across EU countries.

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March 4, 2020

Rockaway Blockchain Fund’s View on Security Tokens: Good Value Proposition on a Long Journey to Mainstream Adoption

The period from 2017 to 2019 has seen a boom in ICO (Initial Coin Offering) financing. The 2,100+ ICOs collectively raised ca. $18 billion, but gradually disappeared from the Digital Assets ecosystem. On the contrary, the number of STOs (Security Token Offerings) is rising. We have seen 95 finished STOs, most of them in the US, that collectively raised almost $1 billion from 2017 to 2019. The first half of 2018 was a particularly good time for STOs. Nexo, a digital asset loan platform, raised $52M, and tZero, a security tokens exchange, raised as much as $134M. Although Switzerland and Malta are considered to be the most STO-friendly jurisdictions, 36% of all closed STOs took place in the United States.

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February 6, 2020

Use Cases of Blockchain

This article’s target audience are traditional investors not familiar with digital assets. Its aim is to describe the current landscape of use cases of the blockchain technology. The language of this article is simple and avoids the use of technical crypto jargon.

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