Staking services

We are advocates of true decentralization, so we operate our staking infrastructure and also utilize it to support our portfolio investments. We provide also advanced client support. 

From an investor’s perspective, staking is a way of growing one’s crypto holdings without needing to buy more, without big risks involved.

Staking is a part of PoS (Proof of Stake) mechanism. The stake is used to secure transaction verification. 

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Staking rewards not yet enabled

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Institutional Staking

We are here for large and institutional token holders and we are happy to arrange a personal call with you, consulting on our staking services.

We also provide advanced reporting for institutional holder.


What is staking? What is the proof-of-stake?

You can stake some tokens and earn a % reward. This is pretty similar to an interest-bearing as a saving account.

Your tokens earn rewards because they have been put to work. There is a Proof of Stake that allows stakes to be used in a consensus mechanism voting, for determining the power of votes of each validator.

The consensus mechanism is the way to ensure that all transactions are verified and secured.

What are the advantages of staking?

If you are a crypto holder, staking is the way of making your assets work for you by generating rewards.
The benefits of staking are security and efficiency.

What are some staking risks of?

Usually, your crypto can’t be transferred for a certain period of time. It is important to research the staking requirements and rules before you get involved. 

How do I start staking – where can I buy tokens?

To start staking, you need to own a proof-of-stake cryptocurrency. These are the only cryptocurrencies you can stake.
The simplest option is to choose one of the cryptocurrency exchanges, where most staking network tokens are listed such as  Binance, Coinbase, etc.

Is there a minimum staking amount?

The staking amount depends on the project you want to get involved in. Some projects have no minimum limit to get in. 

What is the staking APY?

Staking APY is a percentage rate reflecting the total amount of staking rewards projected to be earned over an annual period. The staking rewards depend on a project you want to get involved in. The usual ranges are between 5 – 15%.

Are staking rewards taxable?

Staking reward taxation varies depending on your jurisdiction. Mostly there are no clear guidelines yet on how staking rewards should be taxed. 

Is there an unstaking period?

There is usually an unstaking period, so called a cool-down period after which tokens are transferable. The unstaking period depends on the project conditions and it might be within days or months.