Security Audits of Smart Contracts

  • We have partnered with Ackee Blockchain to have experts performing security audits, with preferential access to our portfolio companies.
  • The focus is primarily on EVM-compatible and Rust-based smart contracts.
  • Ackee has worked with the Ethereum Foundation, KIN Foundation, and Tezos Foundation.

Running Validators

  • We take a hands-on approach in working with projects, and we run our own staking infrastructure.
  • Everything is operated by our team, so we do not use any third party service providers.
  • You can see the validators we are already running.

Hiring IT Developers

  • According to HackerRank, six of the top twenty countries with the best developer talent are in Central Europe.
  • We teach at leading IT universities, including CVUT and UTB.
  • We work with and other local hiring agencies.
  • We sit on the board of the Institute of Cryptoanarchy.

Providing Liquidity

  • We have a separate and dedicated Yield Fund that is able to provide liquidity to the projects in which we have invested.
  • This fund has deployed capital in support of Anchor, Centrifuge, Kashi, Maple Pendle and Saber.


  • We are members of the DeFi Alliance.
  • Our Digital Assets Venture Fund has also invested into other prominent VC funds.
  • We organize events that resonate with the builder and investor community, including hackathons, developer conference afterparties, and our bi-annual investor summit.