Staking Infrastructure

We are advocates of true decentralization, so we operate our own staking infrastructure and also utilize it to support our portfolio investments. Our servers are located outside the main colocation centers (e.g. Hetzner, etc…). We are not using any 3rd party service for operating our servers, everything is operated by our team.

Primary DC

  • Located in Central Europe – Prague
  • 99,982 % datacenter planned availability
  • Multiple network lines
  • Power Redundancy: Dual-energy supply with a backup (Diesel Generators and UPS battery backups)
  • Cooling Redundancy: N+1
  • 24/7 security with Card Access, Biometric Access Control, and IP Camera Surveillance
  • DDoS Protection
  • Environment friendly – PUE 1,35
RBF Monitoring dashboard

Monitoring & Security

Our infrastructure is monitored 24/7 using Prometheus and Icinga with a visualization layer in Grafana and alerts by OpsGenie. We have operations teams in place to resolve any issue.

In terms of software security, all servers are Linux-based with access available only via authorized SSH keys, through an internal VPN. Keys to the node accounts (i.e. consensus keys) are stored on a separate bare metal machine, which is only accessible within the internal network behind a strict firewall. The keys themselves are loaded on Yubico Hardware Security Modules. Seeds to the nodes are sharded and are safely held by multiple parties.


All hardware is owned by us and for production servers we don’t use any cloud. We are using Enterprise-grade server from multiple trusted vendors with mission-critical levels of support. Every component is dualized (dual PSU, dual networking, etc…)

Our primary DC has 10 Gbit connectivity to the internet with integrated DDoS protection