Why Web3: Facts vs Fiction

London, United Kingdom

23 March 2022

Summit Agenda

RBF Keynote

Viktor Fischer

Managing Partner, RBF
Why Web3 Matters: the ownership economy

Dean Tribble

CEO, Agoric

Zaki Manian

Co-Founder, Sommelier | Iqlusion | Cosmos

Barney Mannerings

Founder, Vega
Web3 Use Cases: NFTs, gaming and the creator economy

Robby Yung

CEO, Animoca Brands

Jeff Bandman

COO & General Counsel, 6529 Capital
Investing into Web3: From the traditional perspective

Xiao-Xiao Zhu

Digital Operating Partner & Blockchain Lead, KKR

Julia Andre

Partner, Index Ventures

Matthew Sigel

Head of Digital Assets Research & PM, VanEck
Building Web3 Projects: The role of DeFi in Web3

Michael Moro

CEO, Genesis

Michael Safai

CEO, Dexterity Capital

David Fauchier

Portfolio Manager, Nickel Digital
Web3 Use Cases: DAOs and the future of work

Andrey Belyakov

Founder, Opium Network

Jan Brezina

Co-Founder, Bankless Consulting
Understanding the Tech Stack: The path to full decentralization

Nivan Bhuta

CFO, Solana Foundation

Sergey Gorbunov

Co-Founder, Axelar

Onur Akpolat

Builders Lead, Cosmos
Regulatory: Latest developments

Brian Brooks

CEO, Bitfury
Demos, NFT Exhibition and Canapé Reception

The Venue

– By invitation only –

The RBF Investor Summit was held at 8 Northumberland Ave.

For more information about the event, please get in touch.


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